Digital Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Cannabis Business

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It is estimated that the cannabis industry will be worth $30 billion by 2023. This means there is a lot of growth potential for your business. However, it is important to be aware of the rules and regulation within the industry, so this is something to consider when looking at digital marketing for your cannabis business.

Social media

Social media is an excellent way to establish a brand and reputation. With a potential audience of 3.6 billion people, the opportunities are out there. The key is with interactive posts and original content- this will help engage with what your product is and how they can benefit from you. The old adage of “People buy from people” is especially true online- the best social media campaigns will personify your business and make people want to buy from you.


As with any business, a smart use of SEO is vital. Some businesses will say they will “get you to the top of a search engine page.” While this may be true, what you want to be is accessible on a search engine result page for something people are looking for.

Our company uses keyword research so that your online presence can be grown organically. Whether you are focusing on the local or national market, we can work with you to appeal to your target demographic.

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