Geofencing Marketing

Extend highly particular and targeted marketing messages to potential customers in predetermined areas!

We bring competitor’s customers right to you by sending them ads while they are at your competitor’s stores.

Let’s get creative and drive your company more business!

The industries that we have seen the best results are events, automotive, food and beverage, transportation, logistics and more!

Draw a circle around any geographic location and feed ads to your targeted demographic who walks inside the circle through digital applications.


Automotive Marketing

Since automobiles are purchased at a physical location makes them a prime candidate for geofencing marketing! Since a ideal audience is located in close range to the dealership. Targeting this area would be ad money well spent.


QSR marketing

Geofencing can be very effective in a quick service food industry. Since people are ready to make a quick decision when deciding where to eat. It can be very effective to target your competitor’s locations and offer their customers a deeply discounted item to lure them away from your competitor.


Healthcare Marketing

Like most of the industries that benefit from geofencing marketing. The Healthcare industry’s clientele can be sourced only locally. This is why the Healthcare industry is another perfect candidate for geofencing services. However, it can be very difficult to offer personalized ads in this industry due to specific regulations. This is where focusing on a geographical area can be more suitable than basing it on individuals.


Real estate Marketing

Real estate is another perfect industry for geofencing services. Organizations and individual agents are able to use geofencing to create virtual fencing around a property or listing’s radius. They can even keep track or property visitors and retarget them with ads to the same or relevant listings.


Personal Injury lawyer marketing

Personal Injury lawyers target hospital and even auto repair and body shops. Clients in the Estate and Will business target places commonly visited by high net-worth individuals like art museums and country clubs.


Retailer marketing

Retail industry can reach nearby shoppers by delivering highly targeted ads to competitors and areas near your retail store! You can even draw a circle around your own location to offer your current customers special deals!

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